An adult should supervise the use of this archery equipment at all times. Improper use can cause injury.

Inspect arrows for cracks or abrasions before use. Do not use damaged arrows. Check the string for tears or loose ends before shooting.

Only use arrows of 28 inches in length. Arrows need to be wrapped at the bottom of the feathers with tape to prevent them from cutting into the shooting hand. (our arrows are already taped)

We recommend the use of eye protection. Straw bales make a good target.

Be sure there is nothing behind targets before shooting. Bystanders need to be behind the archer when shooting. Never walk around with an arrow on the string.

Please educate children on safety rules. This is not a toy.


SHOOTING- Hook the first three fingers of your right hand (left if left-handed) around the string with the arrow’s nock between the first and second fingers. Turn the bow in a vertical position.

DRAWING- This is one continuous action and consists of pushing the bow hand forward while at the same time the right hand draws the string and arrow back to the side of your face. Pull the arrow as far back as possible. Crook your fingers more at the beginning while pulling arrow back but let them straighten out as the draw increases. Concentrate on the very center of your target and let the arrow slide off your fingers.