Bows of the Risen Son has been a family owned business since 1994. We  began making bows and arrows and selling them at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Today we sell at seven Renaissance and other festival's around the country. We never get tired of seeing the joy and excitement on the faces of children of all ages as they shoot a bow for the first time. We love hearing stories of the adventures children have with the bows they bought from us and then introducing them to a heavier or more powerful bow as they grow into adults. Our favorite story is the one of a 9 year old girl who Rod taught to shoot a bow for the first time at a festival and ten years later her mom came to our booth and informed us her daughter was a member of the US Olympic archery team and it all began when she feel in love with archery that day. Today we still make it all ourselves, recruiting our two sons help when needed as they have grown and are on their own now. We thank God for His plan for our life, it has and continues to be a great adventure.

Rod and Deana Scoville